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6 Things to Think about Related to the Future of Social Media

6 Things to Think about Related to the Future of Social Media

Cliches aside. One thing is certain about social media. Guess what that is? Yes, it’s change. I have witnessed changes being tested on Facebook and on Google search engines as they occurred right before my eyes.

One thing is certain. The social media best practices of today may be obsolete tomorrow, so learn something every single day. Take time for education. When your teachers tell you to become a lifelong learner, I don’t think they thought it meant you HAVE to be a lifelong learner or get left behind. But, that is what it means. If you don’t learn how to use social media today, you won’t have a job or be in business in the next five years.

It’s sad to think that many people think social media, which includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and hundreds of other social media sites is just a fad. It’s not. Social Media is the path to the future.

Let’s take peak at the future of mass communications and how you will use it personally and professionally.

  1. More and more people will continue to use social media such as Facebook to brand, market and sell themselves and products.
  2. People will learn how to create websites that are not just pretty billboards in the middle of Montana. It will become clear that websites must be both beautiful and functional and include opt in forms, videos and giveaways.
  3. Video will continue to be popular with both human beings and search spiders. If it’s original, relevant and fresh, it will help get businesses out there.
  4. Real is where it’s at. Overdone is out. People will continue to talk about everything and anything on social networks. Facebook and other online sites are equivalent to the coffee shop of yesteryear. People who can’t be with one another in person will continue to enjoy interactions online, which lead to person-to-person and real relationship offline.
  5. Despite what spinners day, real people should be writing content and providing photos not robots, or computers. This will be interesting to watch as more and more people earn degrees in social media related programs specialism
  6. Online communications will probably spawn some new addiction groups, and ailments such as chat neck strain, computer shoulder…

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