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Client Testimonials about Tamara “Ask Tami” Patzer

DanAuito“Tamara AKA: Tami is one of the smartest people I have ever met, and I have met 100’s of 1000’s so that IS saying something! As a 25 Mass Communications Professor with proven experience in the trenches of actually getting RESULTS, I can honestly say that nobody is better at what they do than Tami in her zone. If you need to fill up appointment books with qualified clients, not prospects, but people already calling WANTING what you have, then you need to engage Tami. She absolutely dominates any chosen space online when contracted to do so. ” – Dan Auito, Business Mentors 101


maryborse“Tami Patzer is an exceptional, high energy individual who is passionate about helping her clients. She has never-ending dynamic and fresh ideas on how to apply internet marketing principles to make her small business clients get more customers. She is also an outstanding coach for others who want to learn her secrets, and is very dedicated to their success.” – Mary Borse, BigDogz Marketing


michaelstampar“Tamara has put me in the top 5 in Southwest Florida Google searches more many of the key words in my Facial Plastic Surgery practice in just a few months. I’ve never paid for any of my thousands of “clicks”. – Michael Stampar, D.O., Medical Director and Facial Plastic Surgeon at Spago Medispa, Dayspa, and Salon





LewHastings“Working with Tami is always a great experience because I always manage to come away with a much better product than I had initially imagined. The Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce has used Tami’s creative vision to increase its online presence, add value to its membership and help member businesses optimize their marketing dollars. She is our “go to” resource when it comes to training and successfully utilizing cutting edge technology.” – Lew Hastings, Executive Director Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce 

JamesDingnamTami Patzer is a gem. She knows her stuff, but that’s not enough for her. She’s constantly digging, learning, expanding her knowledge and skill level. Really: I think if you told her you needed brain surgery and handed her a manual to study, she could do the operation tomorrow. Not only did she do a stellar job for us in managing and expanding our communications program, she brought an amazing expertise in Internet marketing to the task. She trained and consulted our entire organization up several notches to a whole new level. I believe much of what she taught us was so cutting edge that our competitors are still scratching their heads wondering how we’re doing it. I look forward to working with Tami again, this time as a powerful consultant. – James Dingman, President at Querer Es Poder, Inc.

richardbeach“Tamara has taken two of my graduate courses at the University of Minnesota–one on media literacy and one on digital writing/communication. She did extremely well in these courses given her strong background knowledge of uses of media and digital tools for fostering communication. She demonstrated application of these tools in her own college media course, developing engaging activities for that course. She is also very personable, conscientious, and articulate. I strongly recommend her”  – Richard Beach, Professor Emeritus of English Education at University of Minnesota


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