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Five Mistakes People Make on Facebook and How to Fix Them

Five Mistakes People Make on Facebook and How to Fix Them

Mistake No. 1: Creating profiles for businesses or nonprofit organizations.

Why? Profiles are meant to be used for human beings only, not for groups, organizations or businesses. Read the Facebook rules and regulations. A profile is meant to be for a person and should not be used to promote a business.

Fix: If you accidentally made a personal profile for your nonprofit organization or business, create a PAGE and tell your friends to “like” it. Keep reminding them to move and discontinue posting to the personal page. Facebook has a wizard to help make the transition.

Mistake No. 2: Creating a page and not posting regularly.

Why? Facebook is a social media platform. People EXPECT interaction with the REAL people who created the page.

Fix: Monitor the page and interact with anyone who comments, likes or posts information. Post regularly. Facebook recommends posting at least three times per week or more. 

Mistake 3: Posting canned content or non-relevant content to your page.

Why? People respect and value good information. If you post high quality, relevant information about your organization, you will get interactions.

Fix: Post photos, videos, news articles, events, calendar items and other high value content to your pages.

Mistake 4: Soliciting donations/business without creating relationships first.

Why? We live in a world of electronic interactions and people are human beings first, tech savvy second or not at all. Everyone wants to communicate with people they know, like and trust. Asking for money or help without getting to know someone first is like someone stealing a kiss on a first date. You might get slapped.

Fix:Create a Facebook page and start posting valuable, high quality content on a regular basis. Interact with the people who visit. Maybe you just say “thanks” or ask them questions. Create real online relationships with real people. Be transparent about your cause, hopes and needs.

Mistake 5: Not knowing how to use applications on Facebook.

Why? Facebook has many cool tools or applications that you can use to make your user experience much better. For example, there are apps for A) Photos B) Videos C) Discussion Boards D) Notes E) Links F) Events, just to name a few. There are thousands of applications in Facebook’s Application Gallery.

Fix: Explore a little. If you need training, there is online training available. Tami Patzer of Total Audience Market Immersion TAMI LLC offers Facebook and other social media training on demand or has scheduled classes in North Port, Venice, Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton.

Courtesy of Tami Patzer, Total Audience Market Immersion TAMI LLC

(941) 421-6563 

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