Daily Success™ Word of the Day book is set for June 2018. In the June 2018 edition, 30 people will share their original definition of a word and be interviewed by award-winning host and best-selling author Tamara Patzer on Daily Success™ Word of the Day.

This is very exciting because I have been working on Daily Success™ Media Network for several years, and now it’s a reality.

I have just a few openings left for June. The deadline is April 10. It’s simple. You just choose your word or two-word phrase. For example, Michele Vismaya Rubin will describe the word Gratitude in 150 words or less, and include her 200-word bio, and photo. She will be interviewed on Daily Success™ Word of the Day with Tamara Patzer and discuss what GRATITUDE means and how it can help you achieve Daily Success™.

Think about these conversations. WOW! I am excited.

I will talk with Troy Fullwood about the word Thrive. Can you imagine how deep we can dive into ONE WORD and what it can mean to your Daily Success™?

There are just a few words left for theJune 2018 edition. Does the word inspiration grab you? What about reinvention? How about transition?

Talk to Tami tamarapatzer@gmail.com or 941-421-6563.

Deadline is coming. Act today. Opportunity is knocking.