Beyond the Best Seller™ Why Reviews are Important

If you are part of a multi-author book project, you can not write a review about that book because you are in it, but you certainly can buy a copy of the book when it is in the campaign phase for best-seller status. Most of the time, the Kindle version of the book will be 99 cents. Buy it when instructed and it will help the book get noticed on Amazon for the best-seller status. You can also gift the book to others.

I have had many books where the authors NEVER bought the book. What is up with that? It’s 99 cents and can help everyone involved in the project.

REVIEWS: You can’t review your own book, but why not REVIEW everyone’s book that you have purchased. This will help them. Even if you don’t like the book. Review it. Help the author do better. Don’t be mean about it, but be informative and instructive. This will help others readers know more about the book.

So, here is my request.

Buy your own books during the campaigns.
Write reviews about all the books you buy You don’t have to write a long post…Maybe 100 or so words. Be honest. If you love it, give it 5 stars. If you hate, hate, hate it, give it one, but say why. If you think it’s OK, do a 3 or 4 star review and tell why.

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